High protein snack recipes to keep you going

It’s time to reinvent your snacking habits. Settling for a subpar snack only leaves you unsatisfied and still hungry, after all. Instead, make something that will not only taste great, but it’ll fill you up, too – you don’t want to find yourself having any snaccidents later on in the day.

When you’re deciding on what to snack on, it’s a good idea to make sure there’s some protein in there somewhere. Protein’s an important part of a balanced diet, whether you’re simply trying eat healthily or a gym bunny trying to up your protein intake. Thankfully though, you don’t need to turn to hefty protein shakes or start drinking egg whites to do this, as it’s possible to get all the protein you need from your daily meals and snacks. If you’re interested, I’ve got loads more information on the protein in cheese and why we need it too.

So to help in your time of hunger, I’ve pulled together some deliciously healthy, high protein snacks for you to graze on at your leisure.

My Top 5 High Protein Snacks

cauliflower cheese crostini

Cheese and cauliflower bites

These sublime high protein snacks are so impressive, you could probably serve them as posh party canapés – but that just means you’d have to share. Cauliflower is a great replacement for traditional grains (think cauliflower pizza bases and rice) and in this recipe, the florets are sliced, griddled and topped with a mouthwatering pair of protein sources: salty pancetta and my cheese spread with cheddar. Mmmm!

Blue Cheese stuffed celery snackBlue cheese stuffed celery snacks

Looking for an easy snack? Here’s a great way to keep your hunger at bay in between meals. Celery is not only incredibly low in calories, but it’s also perfectly shaped for scooping up my delicious cheese spread. Spoon a tangy blue cheese triangle into some peppery stalks, then just top with dried cranberries and freshly ground pepper. Voila! And best of all, the protein in cheese spread should help to tide you over until dinner.

Mini Pretzels With Salmon & CheeseMini pretzels with salmon and cheese

Any bagel lover knows that salmon and creamy cheese spread are a true match made in heaven. So here’s a twist on a classic – try the combo with mini pretzels for a truly divine boost. An impressive 38% of this snack’s energy comes from protein, so it’s perfect for powering you through the day. Finish these tasty bites off with some freshly chopped chives to cut through the oakiness of the salmon and the velvetiness of the cheese spread.

Artichokes and cheddar crostini

With marinated artichokes and my mature cheddar cheese spread, these crostini look like seriously sophisticated snacks – but don’t blame me if you wolf these down without the same level of sophistication. The layer of cheese spread soaks up any excess oil from the artichokes and the fiery pop of chilli is sure to kick start your post-snack afternoon nicely.

Turkey and avocado quesadilla

Turkey is as versatile as it comes. As well as being high in protein, it’s also a great low fat meat option in a whole range of dishes. This light quesadilla is packed full of fresh avocado, tomatoes, onions and – of course – my fabulous cheese spread, making for a deliciously satisfying lunch.

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