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Mindful snacking…spare a few seconds for yourself


On the run, on the go, out-and-about…it’s easy to get into a super-busy mindset.  And as part of that, sometimes we just munch through food without thinking.  The good thing about taking a little break of course, is that you stop and pause.  And then re-start.  A little bit refreshed.   The Laughing Cow cheese snacks are perfect for this kind of mindful snacking.  They’re tasty and nourishing.  They are individually wrapped, meaning that you’ll need to take just a few seconds out of your busy day* to unwrap and enjoy.  And feel a bit better as a result. (There are *86400 seconds in a day.  You can take a few for yourself).

Dip & Crunch, handy snacks for when you’re out and about…

There’s The Laughing Cow Dip & Crunch…. seriously good when you’re looking for a snack which is a happy combo of creaminess and crunch :and there’s even a light option too. All the convenience of cheese spread popped in a little tub with breadsticks. Perfect snacks for kids after school or in the car.


They’re  great, healthy snacks for work – they’re rich in protein, and calcium, at 103 calories per portion of Dip & Crunch Original you can afford to pop one in your lunchbox.  Or for a lower fat snack  try Dip & Crunch Light – 78 calories per portion, and less than half the fat of Original.

Dive into our recipe section

If you find The Laughing Cow just u-dderly delicious (and we’re sure you do) dive into our recipe section which has loads of devilishly easy recipes to do away with the everyday!  

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