The Story of The Laughing Cow Cheese Spread

Over the last 90 years, I’ve travelled the world, tasted all the flavours of what life has to offer, discovered delicious snack secrets and met billions of cheese-lovers along the way. Here’s a little bit more about my history, so grab your favourite cheesy snack and enjoy the read…


I was born in France in 1921. Leon and Jules Bel founded my company. They nurtured and named me ‘The Laughing Cow’ (or as the French like to call moi, “La Vache Qui Rit”), thus creating a delicious new way to enjoy cheese. Proudly, it was the first cheese spread to be individually served in foil sealed portions, to stay fresher for longer. This is why my easy-open foil wrapping technology remains top secret to this day­ (but I think you’ll be pleased to know it’s the only secret I keep under wraps).

Across the channel, I moved to pastures new. I thought it was time to share my revolutionary cheese with the rest of the world…and spread a little snacking joy along the way! Bel’s first subsidiary in the UK was founded in 1926, which introduced the UK’s cheese-lovers to the indulgently creamy taste and, might I add, good source of calcium of The Laughing Cow Original.

In this year, I inspired the UK to lighten up a little and try The Laughing Cow Light triangles. Tasty and timesaving, they make a light and creamy snack in handy on-the-go portion sizes. Hard to believe each one is still 25 calories per triangle and 7% fat­ ­­– perfect for a post-gym snack.

My exciting adventures didn’t end there. This was also the year I decided to help all my busy-as-a-bee snackers who simple had no time to stop work. So, I launched my tasty Dip & Crunch range. Crisp, golden breadsticks plunged into smooth and creamy cheese spread made the perfect savoury snack for when you need a nibble on-the-go to pop in your bag.

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better, I developed the “lightest of the lightest” The Laughing Cow cheese triangles! With the same smooth creamy taste, The Laughing Cow Extra Light is 20 calories per triangle and 2% fat – ideal for low-fat snackers, sandwich toastie munchers and savoury cracker crunchers.

My lovelies wanted for even more choice. Even more flavour. Even more triangles. So I created a fabulous new range of The Laughing Cow Light with tantalisingly tempting cheese flavours! The Laughing Cow Light with Blue Cheese was the first low fat yet deliciously creamy cheese variety. But it was just the beginning of my flavour story…

The next flavour I whipped up was The Laughing Cow Light with Emmental, to compliment The Laughing Cow Light with Blue Cheese and offer even more choice – still 25 calories per triangle! Trust me, The Laughing Cow Light with Emmental is so scrumptious – you have to taste it.

In 2015, I realised there was one more delicious flavour I had to add to The Laughing Cow Light range. So The Laughing Cow Light with Cheddar – the cheese-lovers favourite – was created. Made with real cheddar cheese, it tastes so good you’ll be amazed when I tell you it’s 25 calories per triangle.

I’m excited to say that The Laughing Cow is the UK’s most popular cheese triangle brand. It’s amazing to think that there are ten million portions of The Laughing Cow being enjoyed every day, by cheese-lovers in 120 countries across five continents. That’s so many, if you stacked them all on top of each other, they would reach higher than 1,600 Shard buildings (it had to be triangle shaped, right?)!

Come back again to see how my story continues…
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