The Laughing Cow Cheese Triangles

The Laughing Cow Triangle Cheese portions in 4 different varieties…all with real cheese

The Laughing Cow cheese spread triangles are both delicious and nutritious.  In 4 different varieties – from the classic Original, through Light flavours and even a Lightest version, there’s sure to be something to tickle your tastebuds.  They’re mild and s-moo-th, with a dreamy creamy texture, making them a heavenly snack and a perfect partner for everything from Avocadoes to Zucchini, and a whole host of other tasty combos too.  You choose! It’s your snack!

A convenient, versatile and nutritious snack

We’ve got portion size sussed!  

It’s a fact that food which comes in its own little portion (like our cheese triangles) is helpful for mindful snacking or watching your weight – it’s easier to eat keep an eye on how many you’ve had! They’re great to keep as a standby in your fridge, and because they’re individually wrapped, you’re not going to end up wasting them. Naturally the whole range is a source calcium.  Our light versions have 25 kcals per triangle, Extra Light has 20 calories.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of pre-portioned food you can find out more here


Laughing Cow Flavours for every preference

There’s a flavour for every moo-d and every situation, and every member of the family: when you’re looking for a classic, choose Original or Light: when you want a fuller taste, it’s Laughing Cow Light with Blue cheese or Light with Blue Cheese. Keeping a close eye on calories? Then it’s a portion of Laughing Cow Extra Light.

It’s the versatile cheese spread which fits in with your mood and your food, whatever the occasion, adults and kids alike.  Great as a snack or for lunch (they’re fine out of the fridge for a few hours): ideal on a cracker or a crispbread: just right after school, before the gym or after a swim….However, and whenever you fancy a snack you can nail those tummy rumbles with a Laughing Cow cheese triangle.


No artificial preservatives or colours added and fine for vegetarians.

You can rest assured that there are no artificial colours or preservatives added in any of the Laughing Cow cheese triangles:(Extra Light does contain natural flavourings).

They’re suitable for vegetarians and our cheese triangles are also fine for eating during pregnancy as The Laughing Cow cheese is heated to near UHT temperatures to create the cheese triangles you can enjoy for so long.

Countless imaginative recipes and combos

We’ve a host (or should we say ‘herd’) of imaginative snack recipes to rout the routine!

Whether it’s a lunchtime quick-and-easy cheese, ham and hummus cracker topping (yum!)  or something more sophisticated like creamy dark chocolate and mango: make weekday suppers more interesting with cheesy sweet potato nachos.