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Keep the flavour, cut the fat!

It’s a fact that in the past ‘light’ versions of some products have been lacking in flavour.  But there is happy news when it comes to cheese!  You can keep the flavour and cut the fat!  Our range of Light with Flavour cheeses contain 9g fat per 100g which compares pretty well to good ol’ cheddar, which typically has 34g. (And by the way, our triangles and dips are handily portioned too so you can keep an eye on how many calories you’re eating.  Find out more about fat in cheese and cheese spread here).

The Laughing Cow range of delicious, light and versatile cheeses

Our entire range of light cheeses are smooth, creamy and very tasty.  There’s a whole line-up of different light flavours and formats to meet your own needs from triangle to cheese and breadstick snacks,  Delicious, light and versatile.

We’ve sorted the calories so you don’t have to! Light or Extra Light – you choose!

If you’re wanting to embrace mindful snacking and distance yourself from calories, then our The Laughing Cow triangles are the thing for you.  Simply unwrap and enjoy!  We’ve done the calorie counting for you.   There are 25 calories in each light  triangle and you can choose from classic Light, or Light with Blue Cheese. Smoothing some scrumptious Light with Cheddar cheese onto a cracker makes a cheesy snack of 60 calories: smooth a portion of Light with Blue onto a celery stick will bring you 30 calories.   Our The Laughing Cow Extra Light – is 100% delicious, 2% fat with 20 calories per triangle.  So, say cheese, sit back and relish the taste!

Light cheese in handy and versatile formats !

A light and convenient snack for work !

For out-and-about-snacking pop a Dip & Crunch Light into your lunchbox or rucksack: a handy lighter pack – 78 calories per portion.   Yes, crunchy breadsticks, divine creamy cheese at less than 100 calories.


Explore a host of easy recipes made with Light cheese !


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