The Laughing Cow Cheese Spreads and Snacks Range

When you think of The Laughing Cow – you may just think triangles & kids lunchboxes, but the truth is… my cheese spreads, snacks and Plant-Based Triangle ranges are great for everyone, and any occasion.

Need a quick snack? Keep some Dip ‘n’ Crunch handy.  Making a light lunch?  My triangles are convenient and tasty.   Cooking for Guests?  My triangles make it easier than ever to whip up a cheesy appetizers, or some scrumptious  cheesecakes for dessert.   Watching the calories or looking for protein snacks?? My range of reduced and low fat cheese spreads and snacks allow you to indulge yourself without breaking the rules, and as an added bonus they a source of protein.

And of course… kids love them in a lunchbox!