Appetizer recipes to impress your friends

Invited a few friends over for a juicy catch up? Or are you trying to make a good impression with a certain someone? Whatever the occasion, it’s always fun to prepare something a bit special; and my cheesy appetisers are sure to impress, as you can use my yummy cheese spread in an impressive number of different ways! The perfect cure for those pre-dinner munchies, these appetiser recipes are quick to rustle up and great for sharing – though they’re so tasty, I won’t blame you if you don’t want to!

My top 5 cheesy appetizers

A Peach & Parma Ham Bruschetta ToppingPeach & Parma Ham Bruschetta

This is one stunning showstopper starter! While it may look super fancy, it’s surprisingly easy to make. Big hunks of sourdough bread make the perfect base for this sweet yet savoury combo. Spread on a thick layer of my extra light cheese spread and top with tangy cranberry sauce, juicy peach slices and sweet Parma ham. Mmmm…

 Tortilla chips with blue cheese and red onion dipTortilla chips with blue cheese and red onion dip

Chips and dip are a true match made in heaven, so pop this beautiful combo in the middle of the table at your latest get-together and let everyone dive in with delight. These homemade tortilla chips with blue cheese spread dip are pretty easy to pull together; just pop some sliced tortilla wraps under the grill for a couple of minutes, and for my fuss-free cheese dip, all you need to do is mix two of my lusciously creamy Blue Cheese triangles with Greek yogurt and crunchy red onion. Job done!

Asparagus Starter Wrapped in HamAsparagus starter with ham

If you’re busy getting stuck into a good old gossip, you’ll need to be all ears – you can’t listen properly if you’re flustered in the kitchen! Whip up this tasty asparagus appetiser in just three steps: briefly steam the asparagus, smother some of my dreamy cheese spread onto slices of bresaola (fancy Italian ham to you and me), and then wrap them around the tender asparagus stems. Only one problem: you may well end up too distracted by how great they taste to properly listen to your friend’s story. 

Cheesy Sweet Potato NachosCheesy sweet potato nachos

Before I go into this mouthwatering recipe, let me just say one thing: embrace the mess. After all, who can eat nachos elegantly? This moreish twist on a Tex-Mex classic is packed with naturally flavoursome sweet potato rounds thinly sliced instead of plain old shop-bought crisps. Coat these oven-baked crunchy creations with a wonderfully cheesy dressing made from my tangy blue cheese spread, garlic and sour cream. Layer with shredded chicken, chives, tomatoes and sweetcorn and tuck in – you’ll soon see how hard it is to hold back.

cheese bacon hasselback potatoesMini loaded Hasselback potatoes

Give plain potatoes an exciting Scandinavian makeover with this Hasselback recipe. I really think the Swedish method of roasting potatoes is going to blow your mind – those trademark vertical slits ensure all the tasty flavours find their way into every nook and cranny. What else would you expect from the country that blessed the world with flatpack furniture? Once cooked, it’s time to add my incredibly tasty topping. Load ’em up with a spread made from my light triangles, some cream and parsley, and a sprinkling of crunchy bacon bits and chives. Warning: you might want to make quite a few of these – they’ll prove such a hit with everyone at the table that they’ll disappear in a flash.

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