Asparagus starter wrapped in ham

When’s your snack o’clock? Mine can strike at any hour of the day. But when it does, I make this healthy snack recipe to fend off hunger. It’s so quick and easy. Simply turn to your trusted triangles Light cheese triangles with Blue Cheese, freshly steamed asparagus and unctuous slices of bresaola in your hour of need. Grab a spear or three to unlock another level of snack heaven.
Great for yourself or for guests – this Asparagus starter recipe is a also great for picnics, buffets, snacks or any other occasion you fancy.  Who really needs an excuse after all?
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Preparation time: 8 minutes
Cooking time: 1 minute

Makes 10



  1. Place a pan of boiling water on a hob turned to high and when the water is at a rolling boil tip in the asparagus spears.
  2. Cook the spears for 1 minute then drain, quickly cool in a bowl of iced water and then dry the spears with a piece of kitchen towel.
  3. Cut the bresaola slices into 10 equal sized pieces and spread each slice with half a triangle of The Laughing Cow Light with Blue Cheese.
  4. Wrap each bresaola piece around a spear of asparagus and take a bite.
  5. Enjoy !
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