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Have you ever had a Snaccident?

Snaccident, (n).

Pronounciation: snaksɪd(ə)nt

  1. When food (a snack) is consumed in an accidental, often regrettable way. This can refer to accidentally eating food of questionable quality and/or quantity.
  2. Oops! I snaccidentally ate all of our team meeting’s leftovers
  3. I ate a whole bag of sweets in front of TV last night. It was a complete snaccident.
  4. Those salty crisps were a snaccident waiting to happen. I had one and then before I knew what happened, I had eaten them all. I wasn’t even that hungry.


Have you had a Snaccident that wasn’t your fault? You could be entitled to 100% satisfaction.

With the pace of modern life, Snaccidents are an unfortunate inevitability: . Whether it’s picking at last night’s leftovers or mindlessly munching those stale meeting sandwiches, Snaccidents do happen. But they don’t have to.

Common Snaccidents:

  • Limp leftovers which have been sitting in your fridge
  • Old meeting sandwiches left in the office kitchen
  • Overly greasy crisps: so tempting but are they really worth it?
  • Stale biscuits which you don’t notice until its too late
  • All day rice cake nibbling – just out of habit, without really noticing what you’re doing.

Sound familiar? We can help.  All of these can be avoided with prior planning.


How to avoid Snaccidents

Speaking as an expert with 90 years of experience in snacking, I believe in mindful snacking, and that snacking should be a happy moment which we actually take a bit of time to enjoy; not something that we just do on autopilot.

To avoid mindless snacking disappointment I advise these three simple steps:

  1. Plan to snack. Know that you will want to snack.
  2. Ensure you have pre-selected your preferred snacks for maximum snacking enjoyment.
  3. Take the time to snack. Don’t mindlessly munch at your desk: take a ten minute break.

Personally, I would recommend that you snack on your favourite Laughing Cow triangle spread on some crunchy crackers and topped off with fresh fruits or veggies. Between the creamy texture, six different flavours, the perfect portion size, and the huge variety of complimentary toppings, I can assure you’ll have many great, and varied snacking moments with minimum effort.

Our commitment to you

If you’ve had a Snaccident in the workplace, at home or out and about, I’m committed to

helping you make it right. With my Laughing Cow Triangles we offer:

  • Calcium guaranteed
  • Available 7 days a week (from all good supermarkets)
  • From 25 calories per triangle
  • Quick, smooth and creamy
  • Protein benefits included
  • 6 delicious flavours to suit everyone’s needs

In addition I’ve tested many flavours and combinations over the years, discovering lots of great cheese snack recipes along the way, full of both taste and nutritional benefits.   I have gathered some of my favourites together below.


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