Healthy Snacks for Work (and life in general!)

Is your stomach rumbling by 11am whether you’ve had breakfast or not? Well, my friends, I can relate – and probably four times as well as you might think!

You shouldn’t ignore your body when hunger pangs strike, and besides, the growling noise may distract your nearby colleagues. Prepare for these situations in advance and stop any potential snaccidents by bringing in some healthy work snacks that you’ll really enjoy.

While healthy means something different for everyone, we should all try to eat a balanced diet featuring a variety of food groups. Indulging cravings is absolutely fine in moderation (and we all deserve a treat now and then), but on a daily basis we should try to eat nutritious foods that power us through the day.

I know you might not have tons of time to prepare snacks at work, and I’m the same – I don’t just graze all day you know! In fact, I’ve pulled together some easy healthy snacks to help you with this very thing. These not only do a fab job at keeping hunger at bay, but are quick to assemble in the office too.

My Top 5

cheese radish snackCheese and radish snack

I think radishes are seriously underrated. This beautiful ruby vegetable absolutely deserves a better rep – and what better way to help it than by pairing it with my dreamy cheese spread? You’ll be telling all your friends once you’ve tried it. This whole recipe – which includes four cheese spread triangles and five radishes – adds up to just 120 calories, so you can snack totally guilt-free. The creaminess of my cheese spread with Emmental beautifully balances the satisfyingly crunchy radish, while the sweet dill and tanginess of the cornichons – posh pickles to you and me – perfectly tie it all together.

chicory salmon cheese bitesCheese and grapefruit chicory bites

You may be familiar with good old cheese and pineapple sticks. But have you tried my blue cheese spread and grapefruit bites? This delicious twist on the classic blend of sweet and salty tastes is sure to hit the spot. If you’re looking to keep your carb intake low, you’ll love these; all you need to make these lovely little cheese spread and grapefruit boats is some peppery chicory.

Mini crastrawberries cheese crackersckers with strawberries and pepper

Be honest: have you ever found yourself nibbling at a snack at work simply because it’s there? It’s time to dress those crackers up for a healthy tasty snack you can really look forward to – a little bit of preparation will stop you grazing and make them all the more delicious. With both fibre and carbs, wholegrain crackers keep you feeling fuller for longer, making them the perfect base for my tasty cheese spread. Top them with juicy strawberries and a twist of freshly ground pepper. This combo might sound a little strange at first, but the pepper really brings out the natural sweetness of the berries. Don’t knock it until you try it!

blue cheese avocado tartineBlue cheese and avocado tartine

Ah, avocado. A firm favourite at brunch spots everywhere, and no wonder – this creamy fruit is packed full of nutrients. Prep this healthy snack for work in advance so that you can quickly pull them together when you’re in the office. Mash the avocado with lemon juice the night before to stop any browning and pop it into a container. When snack time hits, layer some of my tangy blue cheese spread on some sourdough bread along with the mashed avocado, then top with protein-packed walnuts. Mmmm!

Scottish Drop SconesScottish drop scones

In my opinion, drop scones (also known as Scotch pancakes) should be up there alongside kilts and bagpipes as one of the finest things to come out of Scotland. My recipe makes this snack a source of calcium by including creamy Greek yogurt and my Extra Light cheese spread, and I’ve also snuck in some fruit and veg in the form of carrots and sultanas. They work perfectly in carrot cake, so you can imagine how great they are in pancakes! And these little beauties should definitely not just be reserved for the weekend – this is a great healthy snack to make at home and bring a stash into work. Better eat them quick though, or your colleagues may try to snap them up before you have a chance.

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