Quick and easy snack ideas for any time of day

Picture this: it’s been hours since breakfast and the clock is ticking very slowly – and you just can’t hold back the hunger any longer. This, my friends, is a situation we’re all familiar with – but unfortunately for you, social convention prevents you from grazing the entire day like me. You don’t want to end up mindlessly nibbling, as it’s easy to then lose track of what you’re eating.

Whether you need a morning munch, an afternoon pick me up, or a late night treat, a simple snack can prove wonderfully effective at keeping you feeling fuller for longer – and you don’t have to just reach for the closest thing to hand, even if you’re strapped for time. Take just a couple of minutes out of your day and prepare yourself a quick snack that you’ll really enjoy, using a few different ingredients for a wonderfully varied diet.

I’ve picked out a few of my favourite easy snack recipes for you to try below – they’ll truly help you avoid any of those naughty snaccidents!

My top 5 easy snacks

Digestives with creamy cheese and fresh fruits

Biscuits taste pretty good. But they’re even better if you jazz them up with one of my dreamy cheese triangles and some summer fruits. This is one incredibly easy snack to make, and it’s much quicker than popping to the corner shop across the road! Spread one of my cheese triangles onto two light digestive biscuits (or oatcakes if you prefer) and top with some sliced banana and sweet berries for a balanced snack that’s just perfect as part of a varied diet.

Sun dried tomato and pesto snacks

Now this is a lovely little Italian snack! I think it’s impossible not to feel inspired by the fabulous Mediterranean flavours of nutty pesto and tangy sundried tomatoes, beautifully blended into a bed of my tasty cheese spread. Serve on top of a wholesome oatcake.

Apple rings with cinnamon, cheese spread, berries and almonds

Longing for something sweet? The natural sugars of an apple will sort those cravings right out, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find this clever twist a-peeling. Sprinkling cinnamon on top is definitely a winning move too – think about how well it goes with apple in a crumble. Dot some almonds and berries along the cheese spread-topped apple ring and dive right in to this easy snack.

Refreshing kiwi and pineapple bites

This yummy little number will have you dreaming about a tropical paradise from the first bite. Slather my creamy cheese spread onto some crunchy oatcakes then spoon over a few exotic fruits. I’ve chosen refreshing pineapple and kiwi, but you can top it with whichever fruit floats your boat.

Mini blue cheese and cracker sandwiches

If you’re crackers about cheese, this is the snack for you! This pairing should definitely not just be limited to a Christmas cheeseboard, as it’s perfect for stopping those hunger pangs all year round. Start by rubbing a garlic clove onto the cracker to give it a slight kick, then spread my light spread with blue cheese on top. Add some tomatoes and freshly ground black pepper, then pop another cracker on top. Much better than a soggy shop-bought sandwich!

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