There is a snack to serve every mood you feel in a day

Do you like it sweet or spicy? With friends or on-the-go? Smooth or crunchy? With a wide range of products and flavours from The Laughing Cow, there is a snack option for your every mood. Whether it’s for the adventurous, curious, being good or being a little devilish you, we’ve got you covered to snack your way! Because my whole range is super-versatile, just so that you can snack like you, however that is. And because it’s mild and smooth creamy cheese, it goes well with all kinds of other flavours…. try with carrots and cucumber, apples and pears, crackers and breadsticks…

5 recipes to suit your mood

Snack Like the Hangry YouPastrami sandwich

Just got back from work and you feel you are starving? Let’s not eat whatever, however, just take a slice of fresh bread, spread The Laughing Cow Original triangles, add pastrami and gherkins, and you will have a yummy snack that will fuel you until dinner time.  #snacklikethe”hangry”you

Snack like the mindful yogi youAsparagus Egg on Rye

In the mood for a mindful moment? Snack like the “super flexi yogi” you and take a The Laughing Cow Original Cheese triangle and smooth onto a celery stick cool from the fridge! #snacklikethe”mindfulyogi”you

Snack like the 'multi-tasking goddess' youSliced apple 

In a rush, no time to spare? Slice an apple and grab a creamy triangle from The Laughing Cow Light, dip it, yummy! #snacklikethe”multi-taskinggoddess’you

Healthy Forager The Laughing CowCelery Sticks 

Foraging in your fridge? Make a scrumptious snack by smoothing a The Laughing Cow Light triangle onto a celery stick and topping with cranberries or add peanuts for crunch.  Snack like the ‘healthy forager’ you!

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