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The Laughing Cow was created over 100 years ago with the belief that laughter makes us stronger. The UK’s leading laughter expert Stephanie Davies, CEO of Laughology, says: “By introducing positive laughter bursts into our day, the brain can re-balance hormones and neurotransmitters and support a more balanced way of viewing the world. Looking for things that make us laugh can develop our happiness further”.

If you’re looking for some portions of positivity, you’ve come to the right place!

Because it's better to laugh!

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The Laughing Cow, Because it’s better to laugh!

Learn about laughter from our Ambassadors!

Emily Atack has teamed up with us to spread the laughter!


Actress & Comedian Emily Atack has been fantastic as our ‘It’s Better To Laugh’ campaign ambassador. Emily has shared with us that throughout her life she had been told to laugh in the face of adversity.

Reflecting on laughter through lockdown recently she said “You only have to look online and see acts of kindness, families doing dance routines together, and I do think that through these difficult times we have found a way to laugh”. We couldn’t agree more, Emily!


Laughter expert Stephanie Davis tells you all you need to know about laughter and why it’s good for your health!

Laughter_Stephanie_Davis_2Stephanie, the CEO at Laughology, tells us more about the science of laughing and how we can even ‘trick’ ourselves into feeling better. Did you know you could do that just by smiling or laughing out-loud to yourself? When we smile, the brain recognises that we are smiling, and it’s the same for when we’re laughing. Our laugh sends out lovely chemicals saying because you are behaving that way, you must be feeling that way.

Top tips from Stephanie















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