However you snack, snack like you with The Laughing Cow !

Everyone’s opinion of what makes a perfect snack is different. What’s a nibble to me is a light bite to you, and what ‘fills a gap’ for the other half is a meal for someone else. Are you looking for a ‘cheer-me-up snack’ or a mini-reward? Something more substantial after a hard workout or a naughty nibble after a tough day? The trouble is, how to find the perfect snack for all those different moments and moods.

The good news, my laughter-loving friends is that I consider my range of products to be a bit of a ‘snack hack’: a pretty smart solution to almost any snacking dilemma! Because my whole range is super-versatile, just so that you can snack like you, however that is. And because it’s mild and smooth creamy cheese, it goes well with all kinds of other flavours….try with carrots and cucumber, apples and pears, crackers and breadsticks… (Have you seen my new TV ad yet? That’s all about snacking like you, too).


Yes, you call the snacking shots. You want to dunk? Then dunk…a chunk of red pepper into a scrummy tub of my Laughing Cow cheese. Yum. Or give to the kids with some veggie sticks when they’re just home from school. Let them dive in together.

You’re in the mood to crunch? Try spreading smooth creamy Laughing Cow cheese onto a crispy cracker. Something more filling? Lavish onto toast and top with tomato for a more substantial snack to tide you over.

Or maybe you simply want ‘to cheese’. This is a new word I’ve created myself, which means to savour a delicious snack embellished with my ‘Wow’ Laughing Cow!’ cheese: And to take relax and be at ease with yourself. Bite into a triangle today and you’ll get what I mean.

At home or out-and-about, happy or cross (you – never!), needing a bit of a boost (tell me about it darling!) ….my The Laughing Cow® cheese will come to the rescue.



A versatile range of products to suit your taste

My eldest, my triangles, are great for helping keep a balance in your day-to-day snacking. The portions not only come in 5 different varieties now (including a blue cheese to make your blue days not-so-blue and an extra light one for those “oh-these-jeans-feel-a-bit-too-snug” days), and because they’re handily portioned you can keep tabs on how many you’ve had.    But don’t forget I also have the dips, snackbites and tubs to go along with the triangles now as well.  So you really can snack like you (as long as it involves cheese…).  Explore the range below.


Introducing the NEW handy and creamy TUB!

If you’ve got a lot of friends to feed (I’m sure you have!), or speed at home in the kitchen is of the essence… look out for my ultra-convenient new tub, which makes smoothing onto lots of crackers a bit quicker! With a softer texture, and in a handily re-closable tub to keep it fresh for longer, it’s a staple in your fridge that all the family will love and you can turn when you need to bring some panache to your pasta or some chutzpah to your cheesecakes or simply a topping for cauliflower. Like all good friends –my cheeses are there for when you need them.


laughing cow cheese spread tubs range

A world of creamy snacking recipes

And just like friends, they bring out the best, the most creative side of you. Check out these amazingly delicious, starkly simple The Laughing Cow® cheesy recipes – cheesy mashed avocado and turkey quesadillas (it’s SO good – you must try it!) and raspberry cheesecake rice cakes (yum) or tortilla chips and red onion and blue cheese dip.

However you want to snack, however you’re feeling, whether you want to spread it, dip it, dunk it, sandwich it or smooth it, The Laughing Cow has a super-delicious solution so you can snack your way.

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