Snack Like "Every" You with The Laughing Cow !

Modern life is hectic and we all have to juggle multiple roles – at home, at work, as a parent or a carer or a friend – and the way we’re feeling changes all the time, day by day, hour by hour even.  The Laughing Cow ‘gets’ that and so you can be sure that my The Laughing Cow cheese snacks are so versatile they can fit around your life – however your feel, whenever you want, however you fancy. You can just snack like you…. whatever ‘you’ you choose to be!

Are you in the mood for a sweet treat or is today a savoury day?  Smooth or crunchy?   Are you with your mates or on your own?  Out-and-about or cosy-at-home?  Feeling a little bit naughty, or adventurous?  Or good-as-gold? With a wide range of formats and flavours – there’s a snack in my The Laughing Cow range for every mood and every moment.  The mild and smooth creamy cheese goes so well with all kinds of other flavours…. try The Laughing Cow with carrots and cucumber, with apples and pears, with crackers or breadsticks, with pasta or peanuts …or in fact, whatever combo takes your fancy! The whole range is super-versatile so that you can snack just like you, whatever version of you that is today.





Snack Like the Hangry You

Just got back from work and feeling famished? 

Let’s snack on something scrumptious: a hunk of fresh bread, spread with The Laughing Cow Original triangles and topped with a little pastrami and a gherkin, and you will have a yummy snack that will keep you going until dinner time.  #snacklikethehangryyou





Snack like the mindful yogi youIn the mood for a mindful moment?

Snack like the “mindful yogi” you and take The Laughing Cow Original triangle and smooth onto a celery stick cool from the fridge!






Snack like the Conquering the boxset you with The Laughing CowIn a rush to catch-up on your last episode ?

Snuggle up with this tasty snack, great for dark nights spent enjoying your favourite series with The Laughing Cow. #snackliketheboxsetbingingyou



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A versatile range of products to suit your taste, your mood and the moment !

My eldest, my The Laughing Cow triangles, are great for helping keep a balance in your day-to-day snacking. The portions not only come in 4 different varieties now (including a blue cheese to make your blue days not-so-blue and an extra light one for those “oh-these-jeans-feel-a-bit-too-snug” days), and because they’re handily portioned you can keep tabs on how many you’ve had.    But don’t forget I also have the dips, snack bites and tubs to go along with the triangles now as well.  So you really can snack like every you (as long as it involves cheese…).  Explore the range below.


Introducing the NEW handy and creamy TUB!

If you’ve got a lot of friends to feed (I’m sure you have!), or speed at home in the kitchen is of the essence… look out for my ultra-convenient new tub, which makes smoothing onto lots of crackers a bit quicker! With a softer texture, and in a handily re-closable tub to keep it fresh for longer, it’s a staple in your fridge that all the family will love and you can turn when you need to bring some panache to your pasta or some chutzpah to your cheesecakes or simply a topping for cauliflower. Like all good friends –my cheeses are there for when you need them.

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