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The Laughing Cow TV Ad - Irresistibly Creamy Snacking!

My triangles are so irresistibly creamy, I personally think that once you’ve discovered their tasty flavours, they will probably keep popping into your head – even when you don’t expect it!   Whatever the time, wherever you are, whoever you’re talking to, you might find yourself day dreaming of our perfectly portioned creamy cheese snack.
Don’t believe us?  Why don’t you try out our some of our recommended snack recipes.  You might just find you keep coming back for more.  Or, If you’d prefer to take the easy road and let us inspire you with delicious recipes, why not following our new Instagram channel?
We will continue to regularly share new inspiration, and some other useful stuff as well – so don’t miss out!
Obviously I can’t take any responsibility if you do accidentally reference cheese and crackers in a meeting or declare your friend looks no more than 25 calories … but I am sure that (aside from any blank looks and confusion) it will at least raise a smile (or even a laugh).

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