Citrus and Cucumber rolls

Do you ever get tired of eating the same snack?   I do too – that’s why I’m always trying to come up with all sorts of different combinations.  These citrus and cucumber roll-ups definitely fit the bill, and they are tasty, sophisticated and attractive: so a platter of these will brighten any table and make an excellent sharing platter or buffet option. Just assemble them and then watch them disappear !
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Makes 8



  1. With a vegetable peeler, carefully create thin strips of cucumber and remove excess juices with a paper towel.
  2. Mix The Laughing Cow Light with the juice of half a lemon and crushed crackers.
  3. Wrap cucumber strips around generous helping of cheese mixture.
  4. Garnish with smoked salmon and freshly ground black pepper.
  5. Enjoy !
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