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Blueberry Doughnuts

If you are also looking for snacks that are filling and, most importantly, taste delicious, try these tasty blueberry and oat doughnuts made with @thelaughingcow_uk Original triangles. The doughnuts are easy to prepare and can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days… if they last that long!

Makes 8


For the doughnut :

  • 100g rolled oats
  • 1 level tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp ground cinnamon
  • 4 triangles of The Laughing Cow Original
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 tbsp each of runny honey
  • Semi-skimmed milk
  • 50g blueberries

For the frosting :

  • 4 triangles of The Laughing Cow Original
  • 1 tsp runny honey
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp semi-skimmed milk


  1. Add 100g rolled oats, 1 level tsp baking powder, ½ tsp ground cinnamon, 4 triangles of The Laughing Cow Original, 1 large egg and 1 tbsp each of runny honey and semi-skimmed milk to a blender. Blend until a smooth batter is formed.
  2. Carefully fold in 50g blueberries.
  3. Either heat a doughnut maker or preheat your oven to 180C. Grease the doughnut maker or a doughnut tin with a little oil, then spoon the mixture in.
  4. Cook until well risen and golden. In the oven this should take around 15-20 minutes. In a doughnut maker this should take around 5 minutes.
  5. Remove the doughnuts from the oven/doughnut maker and leave to cool completely on a wire rack.
  6. Once cooled, mix together 4 triangles of The Laughing Cow Original, 1 tsp runny honey, ½ tsp vanilla extract and 1 tsp semi-skimmed milk to make the frosting, then spoon over the doughnuts.
  7. Get snacking!