Cheese Spread

Extra Light, Low Fat Cheese Triangles

  • Extra Light and deliciously tasty cheese spread
  • Good source of calcium and a source of protein
  • 20 calories per triangle, 2% fat and low in saturated fat too!
  • Great on a cracker for a nutritious and delicious snack
  • No artificial colours or preservatives added
  • Suitable for vegetarians and during pregnancy
  • A fridge staple – individually sealed portions keep it fresher for longer

Extra light, extra love-able is what I call my The Laughing Cow Extra Light low fat cheese triangles . It’s full of all the mild, creamy smoothness you’d expect from me, but with just 2% fat, making it ‘low fat’ and ‘low saturated fat’ ­– the lightest in my The Laughing Cow range.

For those savoury snack moments when you want to enjoy a little taste of cheese without loading on the calories – The Laughing Cow Extra Light is your answer.  It’s great on a cracker (typically around 55 calories*), or smoothed onto a celery stick (for a 35 calories snack). With 19 calories per triangle of Extra Light cheese, the snack choice is endless. It’s also a simple butter swap in your sandwich, which could save you almost 70 calories**.

Individually wrapped portions make it easy to keep an eye on just how fast they’re going down – you won’t want to run out, my lovelies.

Naturally, my The Laughing Cow triangles are a great source of calcium, a source of protein and contain no artificial colours or preservatives added.   Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal teeth and bones, and protein contributes to the maintenance of your muscles, when eaten as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, of course.

So low in fat, you’re laughing. Put a pack at the top of your list now!

*Based on a brand leading 8g cracker at 35 calories plus 20 calorie triangle portion.

**Based on 53 calories per serving of a leading brand butter substitute.


Skimmed milk (water, skimmed milk powder), cheeses, maltodextrin, milk proteins, emulsifying salts: polyphosphates, calcium phosphate and citric acid, flavouring. thickener: carrageenan.


Per 100g
Per Portion (17.5)
Energy value
491 kJ - 116 kcal
86 kJ - 20 kcal
2 g
0,4 g
of which saturates
1.3 g
0,2 g
11 g
1,9 g
of which sugars
6.5 g
1,1 g
13.5 g
2,4 g
1.6 g
0,28 g
600 mg
105 mg

Each serving (17.5) contains


86 kJ - 20 kcal


0,4 g



0,2 g



1,1 g



0,28 g