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Veggie and Cheese Twist

This veggie and cheese twists recipe makes a great centre piece for a buffet or sharing appetizer.  Even better the whole thing with the cheesy dip has just 6 ingredients altogether ! whatever the occasion this is well worth the small amount of) effort required.

Makes 1




  1. Roll out some puff pastry on baking paper
  2. Cut into a circular shape and then roll some extra pastry and make a little moat barrier in the middle
  3. Score around the whole circle around 3cm wide to make space for your veggies
  4. Slice one courgette & red pepper (or other of your choice) about 4cm length & 2cm width
  5. Place them on your scored pastry and twist round
  6. Whisk a teaspoon of pesto with an egg
  7. Egg wash the whole pastry with this mixture
  8. Place in oven on 200c for about 12-18mins until pastry starts to turn golden
  9. Take out to cool and then spread The Laughing Cow cheese in the middle
  10. Tear and dip away!