Cheese Spread

Light, Reduced Fat Cheese Tubs

  • Delicious, creamy The Laughing Cow Light reduced fat cheese spread
  • Now in a handy 150g re-closable tub
  • Practical and versatile – for dipping, spreading, cooking and more
  • Softer texture for easier stirring and spreading
  • 52 calories per 30g serving
  • Suitable for vegetarians, and fine to eat if you’re pregnant

The Laughing Cow Light in tubs: a friend in your fridge for snacking and cooking

Mild, creamy, smooth…. the latest in my line-up is the Laughing Cow Light Cheese spread in a tub: a delight for everyone who longs to bring The Laughing Cow cheesiness to their snacks and cooking whilst still making a healthier choice.

Thanks to its super-soft creamy texture spreading is a doddle.   My The Laughing Cow Light luuurves a crunchy crispbread.  Crackers, flatbreads, rye breads will wrestle in your biscuit barrel to be paired with delicious, nutritious, Laughing Cow Light for a smart speedy snack.  Moo-sic to my ears!

How do you dip your The Laughing Cow Light?  Are you a scooper or a dipper?  Do you plunge veggie sticks straight into the center or smooth them cautiously round the sides?  However, you dip into it, it’s sure to be delicious.  For a tasty lower calorie snack, think carrot batons or cauliflower florets dipped in my creamy The Laughing Cow cheese! (By my reckoning a couple of carrot sticks and a splash of my Laughing Cow Light cheese is a touch over 20 calories*: of course, depending on how much cheese you put on – we know it’s just SOOOO delicious!!)

The Laughing Cow Light is like a friend in your fridge: ready to bring a lift to your lasagna (why not try it in our delish Lasagna roll ups recipe?), some pizazz to your pancakes or s-moo-th some with spinach for a tasty savoury snack balls?   Find more inspirational meal and savoury snack ideas with The Laughing Cow Light cheese spread here.

Light, Tasty AND nutritious

A light delight, nutritious –  high in protein, naturally it’s a good source of calcium, (great news for your bones)) suitable cheese for vegetarians and for pregnancy…catch a tub of The Laughing Cow Light before it drifts out of your reach!

Smile! And have another spoonful of de-LIGHT-ful Laughing Cow Light Cheese!

* Estimate: carrot baton at 5 calories, ½ spoonful TLC Light = +/- 15 calories


Rehydrated skimmed milk, cheeses, butter, milk proteins, emulsifying salts: polyphosphates and citric acid, acetylated distarch adipate


Per 100g
Per Portion (30 g)
Energy value
722 kj - 173 kcal
217 kj - 52 kcal
11 g
3.3 g
of which saturates
7.5 g
2.3 g
6.5 g
2.0 g
of which sugars
6.5 g
2.0 g
12 g
3.6 g
1.6 g
0.48 g
380 mg
114 mg

Each serving (30 g) contains


217 kj - 52 kcal


3.3 g


2.3 g


2.0 g


0.48 g