The Laughing Cow Cheese Tubs

Laughing Cow Cheese Spread in a tub  – a snack-hack and cooks friend in the fridge.

Deliciously creamy Laughing Cow cheese spread now comes in a convenient 150g tub, in both Original and Light varieties.   Keep some handy in the fridge and you’ll find plenty of ways to use it.  From a quick-snack when you’re home alone, to an easy sandwich-filler in the kids’ lunchboxes – even for making cheesecake for friends…it’s a snack-hack and a cook’s friend.

A handy and versatile friend in your fridge !

Super-convenient, super-versatile

The handy, reclosable tub keeps it fresher for longer: and the recipe is specially blended to make it a versatile spreadable cheese standby for snacking, dipping, cooking stirring, smoothing, and topping …the choices are endless (check out our recipes for some more inspiration.).

A softer cheese spread than our cheese triangles

All the mild, creamy deliciousness of Laughing Cow cheese triangles, in a tub, specially blended to be slightly softer making it so easy to s-moo-th sumptuously onto your fresh bread: easy to stir generously into your pasta:  to dive into it as a dip with veggie sticks or cucumber…. or simply to spread lavishly onto a cracker.   We’ve lots of imaginative ideas that all the family will love…from blueberry doughnuts to quesadillas and rice cakes..check them out here.  But most of all, however you want to snack – or cook – …snack like you!


Naturally nutritious, and there’s a light option too

Naturally, of course, The Laughing Cow Original cheese spread is high in protein (contributes to a growth in or maintenance of muscle mass) and a source of calcium too (in needed for the maintenance of normal bones).

Available in Light too, for when you want extra deliciousness without extra calories (50 calories per 30g serving).

Suitable for vegetarians, and for eating when pregnant

Like all the Laughing Cow range, it’s suitable for vegetarians and heated to near UHT temperatures, so Laughing Cow spreadable cheese in a Tub is suitable both for vegetarians and for mums-to-be.


A world of creamy recipes with The Laughing Cow Tubs !

However you want to snack, however you’re feeling, whether you want to spread it, dip it, dunk it, sandwich it or smooth it, The Laughing Cow Tub is a super-delicious solution so you can snack your way.

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