Our delicious range of Cheese Spread

Versatile and nutritious!

Spreadable cheese is surely one of the most versatile products on the planet! You can use it for so much more than just spreading: try smoothing, snacking and dipping, cooking, topping and stirring.  (In fact, my friends,  it’s a little secret that The Laughing Cow spreadable cheese is an easy-peasy way to introduce some extra creamy cheesiness into your cooking.  And it melts brilliantly! Try it!)

Check out our amazing range of delicious spreadable cheeses which come in a variety of different formats – triangles and tubs, flavours, and even different low fat contents. (so, you can enjoy your cheese ‘fix’ even when you’re counting the calories).

In fact, one of the great characteristics of  The Laughing Cow spreadable cheeses (as well as the scrumptious taste and versatility)  is that they are  lower in fat and calories than many other cheeses, and are still a source of calcium and protein.  Check out our articles about ‘cheese spread and protein’ and ‘fat and calories in cheese ’.


4 different varieties of cheese triangles

Banish boredom, personalize your snacking with 4 different options in our The Laughing Cow cheese triangles range: the classic Original cheese triangle – full of dreamy creamy goodness: The Light cheese triangle (think of it as the ‘semi-skimmed’ version): Light with Blue cheese… (pair with celery for a truly scrumptious snack): <a
And if you really want to distance yourself from calories, there’s Extra Light…. low in fat, 20 calories per triangle.  The choice is yours.  It’s your snack!

Super-handy resealable tubs: the cook’s best friend

The Laughing Cow cheese tubs – Original and Light – are truly a cook’s friend.  They’re specially blended to be extra s-moo-th and soft (even softer than our The Laughing Cow triangles) ……. stir a spoonful into your spaghetti and hear it sing! Your crudités will chuckle, your tortillas will tango with a spoonful of ultra-creamy The Laughing Cow cheese.  And the tubs are handily resealable too…waste less, stay fresh for longer.

Discover a world of creamy recipes

Head off to our recipe section now to explore the delights of tortillas with red onion and blue cheese: cheese and cauliflower bites, peach and Parma ham bruschetta and many more.


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