Prize Draw: Win a Snaccident Prevention Kit!

With the busy pace of everyday life back in full swing this New Year, ‘Snaccidents’ (where you mindlessly eat food), are almost inevitable and cause Brits to eat an average of 700 extra calories per day! With over half of us (55%) saying we fail on diets, it’s a reality that Snaccidents do happen, but they can be avoided with a little forward planning and by snacking more mindfully, which I’m here to help you with!

At The Laughing Cow, I believe that mindful snacking should be a happy moment where we take a bit of time to enjoy what we’re tucking into. By snacking smarter, you can still tantalise those taste buds with a whole variety of creamy, indulgent and flavoursome treats that don’t have contain endless amounts of calories.

To help keep those Snaccidents at bay and make it our resolution to snack smart this year, I am offering you a chance to win the ultimate Snaccident Prevention Kit! This contains a mini fridge full of a selection of delicious treats for the perfect, mindful snack.

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Mindful Snacking Ideas

Whether you like to spread, dunk or dip, my Laughing Cow triangles are the perfect portion controlled snacking solution.  Let me inspire you with a delicious range of new serving suggestions from expert nutritionist Juliette Kellow that are all under 200 calories.

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