The Laughing Cow Blends Spread Triangles

NEW! Get your share of dairy & plant-based proteins with the new snack The Laughing Cow Blends Cheese Spread

Get ready to be WOWed by this new flavour! The Laughing Cow® Blends are smooth and marvellously tasty triangles of creamy cheese spread, blended with real pulses and herbs. Tasty and nutritious, The Laughing Cow® Blends Cheese Spread triangles combine the goodness of both dairy and plant-based ingredients. With only 36 calories per portion, they are perfect for guilt-free snacking any time of day.

Whether you are a houmous fan, a cheese lover, a vegetarian or flexitarian, these cheese spread portions are super convenient, thanks to their iconic foil format, keeping them fresher for longer. You can take them anywhere with you, and eat them on the go: they are ideal as a little snack to satisfy your cravings! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even use them to add some flavour and creaminess to your pasta sauce. Yummy in every situation!

They are naturally rich in protein, calcium and Vitamin E. They contain no added artificial flavours, colours, preservatives. Plus, they are suitable for vegetarians!

You can get them in Morrisons shops & online!